Wheeled Squeegee Large Yard Scraper

  • Wheeled Squeegee Scrapers, perfect for areas too small for a tractor
  • 117cm (46″) wide Squeegee with hard wearing Red Stripe Rubber blade on light weight frame
  • Reversible and Replaceable Red Stripe rubber blade, to Double the Life

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Product: Wheeled Squeegee Large Yard Scraper







5 Year Guarantee

Double the Life

Manufactured to the same high standards as our conventional squeegees, the wheeled squeegee at 117cm (46″) wide are used in areas where standard squeegees are too small, however the space is not large enough for a tractor unit. The light weight frame attaches to two solid rubber wheels via an axle assembly, which holds the squeegee blade and rubber. The Wheeled Squeegee has a slightly harder wearing “Red Stripe” rubber to reflect the nature of the intended work. The Red Stripe rubber blade is reversible and replaceable.

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46" 117cm

Our unique 'Red Stripe' rubber is ...

Unique to our Dub'l-lif products.
Quality rubber, not recycled crumb, ensures your blades last - even with tough use.
Reversible, ultimately replaceable, to at least 'Double the Life' of your squeegee!

All Dub’l-lif products are Handmade in Britain

Every product we make includes an element to 'Double the Life' of your purchase!
Our superior products are handmade using the best quality materials at our own manufacturing facility in Somerset, England. Our family business has for over 60 years sold our range in the UK, Ireland and internationally.


Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years. This does not cover the product where fault is due to misuse, abuse, or where the product has been subject to unauthorised modifications or alterations. Paint work and finishes are excluded from any guarantee. In the event of a problem with a product within the guarantee period, please contact us or the seller from whom you purchased the product, with proof of purchase.

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46" 117cm