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Flat Top, Platform Yard Broom Head

Industrial Stiff 457mm wide flat top, platform broom head:

  • 457mm wide flat top, platform broom head
  • Head wearing, sweeps in wet muddy conditions
  • Suitable for use with our Flat Top Platform Broom Handle Holder






Sports Facilities


Double the Life

Flat Top, Platform broom head.  Wooden back, filled with Broom Grass. The flat top, platform broom head with Broom Grass bristles is excellent for dislodging and sweeping heavy mud and rubble in dry conditions. This broom is typically used on muddy concrete, in farms, factories and on yards.

Additional information

  • Flat Top, Platform Broom Head 457mm wide
  • Wooden stock
  • Hard wearing Broom Grass bristles effective when sweeping heavy mud in dry conditions
  • The ideal flat top platform broom head for consistent sweeping
  • Perfectly fits our Flat Top Platform Broom Handle Holder
  • Reverse the position of the handle holder to double the broom head life
  • Handle Holder = The end of splitting broom heads

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